Coaching with Hypnosis


More than anything, hypnosis is a tool for change.
Beyond what it is most known for – performance –  hypnosis, allows us to connect to the most powerful machine we possess: the mind.
Learning to better use the incredible potential hidden within means opening the door to all possibilities, it means discovering the power of the unconscious, and accessing a world of skills and self-knowledge.

What is hypnosis?


I want to… But I can’t!
The dilemma between the conscious and unconscious.
But all solutions are within! While the conscious mind can process two-to-three pieces of information at a time, the unconscious mind can handle hundreds, and consolidates all our knowledge and skills.
Hypnosis allows us to get in touch with this infinite library of resources.


Certain things are part of our genetic baggage.
We’re born with them.
Other things have since been learned, acquired.
If it’s possible to acquire fears, or reactions deemed inappropriate, it is also possible to learn strategies that are more appropriate!


In hypnosis coaching, you are in control.
The work is done through your determination and with your sustained collaboration.
The answers are within but sometimes we have difficulty accessing them.
Guided by the coach, hypnosis facilitates this process.
Far from causing a loss of awareness, hypnosis coaching helps you take control of your solutions.


This therapy changed my sleeping disorder in 3 sessions and in just one, my business growth exponentially. I truly recommend going with Julie.-
Denise, Entrepreneur / Februray 2017
Thank You Julie…your insight and understanding of the human mind has allowed me to take my game to a new level.- D.Elder, Archery World Championship / Nov 2019

Specific to objectives related to addictions, weight and phobias

I receive a lot of calls for those goals. I had to choose to focus on my specialties.
Hypno-Confiance focus is about reaching one’s full potential, about healthy performance and about every aspect of self-esteem and happiness.
In many cases, work on addictions, weight or phobias should be accompanied by a psychologist, whether or not they practice hypnosis.
You can find their contact details here.
This said, if you wish to speak with me on how hypnosis works, you can book a call. I will be happy to answer all of your questions.