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The Hypno-Confiance Approach


Years of experience have permitted me to develop a full and unique approach that allows for fluid and profound conscious and unconscious growth.

Evolving at 100%

This method includes:


With Coaching you receive holistic and progressive support that also includes follow-ups and exercises in between sessions

Hypnosis and NLP allow for in-depth work on beliefs, habits and emotions

Pratical tools (breathing, reading, complementary approaches with handpicked professionals…) facilitate thorough evolution

Workshops, as required (self-hypnosis, leadership, non-violent communication, etc) provide techniques which allow individuals to continue working on themselves autonomously



Testimonials :

Working with Julie is a journey into the heart that helps reconnect us with our aspirations and deep values, while eliminating interferences that take us away from these things… It’s a gentle but powerful method, that simply requires a little openness.

This approach, structured and very professional, quickly gave me confidence. Julie provides support in the creation of a space where we can access all of the essential answers and resources inside of us. Due to her capacity to listen, she is able to easily capture our needs and adapt the sessions to help us achieve our objectives. As a result, we have the ability to make clearer choices and to evolve in the direction we want, because our key values are at the forefront of our interactions.
In the days and weeks that followed each meeting, I was able to see the benefits of this approach, because my behaviours and reactions had changed, and without any particular effort on my part… The change was internal, not external, which makes it more comfortable and sustainable!

To conclude, I want to underscore Julie’s discretion and her great generosity, which allow each session to be fully experienced, and through which we feel her genuine intention to help and guide us, without judgement.

I recommend her services to anyone who aspires to a better quality of life, as her work serves to help us to be in better harmony with ourselves and with others!-
Claudelle, Air Traffic Controller / May 2016

Special note for call related to addictions, weights and phobias

I receive a lot of calls for those goals.
I had to choose not to answer it anymore to focus on my specialties,
Hypno-Confiance focus is about reaching one’s full potential, about healthy performance and about every aspect of self-estime and happyness.
In many cases, working on addictions, weights and phobias should be discussed with a psychologist, who may or may not use hypnosis.

You can find their number here.
This said, if you wish to speak with me on how hypnsis work, you can book a call. I will be happy to answer all of your questions.