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Virtual sessions

During the COVID-19 pandemic and until further notice,sessions take place in person or online, via Zoom.
If you think you might have been in contact with the virus, your session is not canceled, it will simply be online.

All workshops will take place online for now.
It is just another great way to benefit from Coaching and Hypnosis. Discover how below.

Virual sessions are an amazing way to take a moment for you, in the comfort of your own home. You simply have to take a few steps to prepare.

This will be a great experience, safe and empowering, to realx and enjoy all the benefits of a session, from wherever you are in the world ! Technology is there for us, so let’s us it !

I do online sessions since early 2019. For some of my clients, it is simply the best way.
So, ready ?

What do i need ?

Your mobile, tablet or laptop device : you will need an up and running webcam and microphone. The use of a headset is strongly recommended. We will use Zoom, a simple and easy to install web-base application. If you have never used it before, it is one click away here.

Create your Hypnosis or Coaching setup

For an optimal experience, pease make sure your paid attention to each of the following :

  1. Fully charged telephone, tablet, or computer
  2. Functional microphone and camera
  3. Install the camera so that you are visible from head to knees
  4. Use ear buds, or ideally, a headset
  5. Ensure you are set up alone, in a quiet room
  6. Have a pen and paper on hand
  7. Leave pets outside of the room
  8. On a computer, disable the screensaver mode, and turn off Emails, Facebook and so on
  9. Phone and ipads on “plane mode”
  10. Connect a few minutes before the session to ensure that you have a proper connection
  11. Never used Zoom ? You can dowload it here

Please note that for remote sessions, payment is required prior to the meeting, via Interac e-transfer.
In some cases, or for the purchase of packages, credit card payments are possible.


Commentaires :

Working with Julie is a journey into the heart that helps reconnect us with our aspirations and deep values, while eliminating interferences that take us away from these things… It’s a gentle but powerful method, that simply requires a little openness.

This approach, structured and very professional, quickly gave me confidence. Julie provides support in the creation of a space where we can access all of the essential answers and resources inside of us. Due to her capacity to listen, she is able to easily capture our needs and adapt the sessions to help us achieve our objectives. As a result, we have the ability to make clearer choices and to evolve in the direction we want, because our key values are at the forefront of our interactions.
In the days and weeks that followed each meeting, I was able to see the benefits of this approach, because my behaviours and reactions had changed, and without any particular effort on my part… The change was internal, not external, which makes it more comfortable and sustainable!

To conclude, I want to underscore Julie’s discretion and her great generosity, which allow each session to be fully experienced, and through which we feel her genuine intention to help and guide us, without judgement.

I recommend her services to anyone who aspires to a better quality of life, as her work serves to help us to be in better harmony with ourselves and with others!-
Claudelle, Air Traffic Controller / May 2016
This therapy changed my sleeping disorder in 3 sessions and in just one, my business growth exponentially. I truly recommend going with Julie.-
Denise, Entrepreneur / Februray 2017