Julie Habart-Tiberghien
Hypnosis Coach and Mental Trainer

I specialize in personal and professional growth.

I work with clients on a daily basis, in my clinic, in corporate or athletic envrionments, to guide, support and develop the human potential hidden at the heart of each individual.

Who am I?

I was born in Belgium, grew up in France and England, and 15 years ago, made Canada my home.

Athletic, and with a love of language and life in general, I’ve had the opportunity to travel and to meet many fascinating people, all of whom have inspired me and helped me to grow… Always improving.

I view Hypnosis and neuroscience as gifts placed on my path to help me surpass my limits, modify my beliefs and flourish. How could I not offer these powerful tools to others?

My WHY, My mission: to support and accelerate the development of each person, so they can achieve their full potential and so that together, we’ll make the world a better place.

How I work: My vision

My conviction: Happiness leads to Success.

Happiness is to move toward a joy that has meaning for you. It is allowing yourself to grow and achieve your Full Potential, your 100%.

I began my career with a Master’s degree in Marketing and Communications. This opened doors for me in large organizations and gave me opportunities, both in Europe and Canada, to coach brilliant teams.

L’équation suivante s’est vite imposée à moi :

Etre heureux, permet d’être plus performant, ce qui amène à mieux réussir
Bonheur > Performance > Réussite

Mieux réussir sa vie, son couple, son emploi, son entreprise, son sport…

These words motivate me day after day. What are the keys to growth, transformation, surpassing limitations? And how do we cultivate this idea of happiness?

With all these questions and ideas in mind, I made the decision to train, both in Europe and Canada, in Hypnosis Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, allowing me to support the development of individuals and teams who choose to walk with me, and helping me guide them toward better versions of themselves.

My services

I work in individual and team coaching, at my office or yours. I also offer themed workshops, adapted to the diverse needs of my clients. I invite you to discover my services centered around:

Personal Growth | Corporate Coaching | Athletic Performance

Spécificité pour les objectifs reliés aux dépendances, aux poids et aux phobies

Je reçois de très nombreuses demandes pour ce type d’objectifs. Je dois choisir de ne pas y répondre pour me focaliser sur ma spécialité.
Le focus d’Hypno-Confiance est l’atteinte du potentiel, la saine performance, la confiance en soi sous toutes ses formes et le mieux-être au quotidien.
Pour nombre de cas, le travail sur les dépendances, le poids ou les phobies devrait être accompagné par un psychologue, pratiquant ou non l’hypnose.
Vous pourrez trouver leurs coordonnées ici.
Ceci dit, si vous souhaitez me parler pour mieux comprendre comment l’hypnose fonctionne, vous pouvez réserver un appel. Il me fera plaisir de répondre à vos questions.

Accreditations et Recognition


I am a member of the RITMA (Therapists in Alternative Medicine) Association (receipts available)

Awarded one of Three Best Rated in Montreal in 2018.


In personal development :

  • Hypnologist : Psychee Formations, France / ARCHE, France / CQPNL, Montreal
  • Post-graduate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming : CQPNL, Montreal
  • Energetic – Usui Reiki Master : Psychee Formations, France



Dans le domaine de l’entreprise :

Corporate :

  • Coach in  Neuro-Linguistic Programming : CQPNL, Montreal
  • Coach and Scrum Master in Agile Team Development : Montreal
  • Master of Marketing and Communication : Institut d’Administration des Entreprises de Lille, France

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Code of Ethics

As outlined by the Order of Psychologists of Quebec, coaching aims to help individuals who are neither in distress, nor suffering, and who have expressed specific needs with respect to personal or professional development, to realize their potential via the advancement of talents, resources and skills.

As a hypnosis and hypnology coach, my services do not aim to replace the services of healthcare professionals, medical doctors, psychotherapists or psychologists. I do not provide medical or psychological diagnoses and I cannot provide treatment recommendations.

NEQ : 2270689591

TPS (793 599 713 RT0001)
TVQ (121 098 8757 TQ0001)